Type of Pumps

EK General (Engineering knowledge General)

Hello everybody. This is the first of my new article series. This is under Engineering knowledge general subject. As the first article I have choose pumps as the topic. Pumps are very essential equipment when we consider about our daytoday life. The use of pumps is wide. Anyway there are two type of pumps. Today videographysf have decided to discuss about that two types

  1. Roto-dynamic
  2. Positive displacement

Roto dynamic pumps are commonly known as centrifugal pumps. The centrifugal or roto-dynamic pump produce a head and a flow by increasing the velocity of the liquid through the machine with the help of the rotating vane
impeller. Centrifugal pumps include radial, axial and mixed flow units.

Centrifugal pumps have a rotating plane with special type of blades known as impeller. Impellers duty is increasing the velocity of the liquid. It creates a vacuum in the middle of the impeller known as impeller eye which help for the suction of the liquid. The blades of the impeller is bend at the end, honestly it has a curvature.

“the impeller rotates to the side of the curves and it let the liquid flow to take a massive speed. The space is increasing at the end of the impeller chamber. Because of this thing the expansion the speed of the liquid flow will decrease and the pressure of it will increase according to the Bernoulli theorem. That pressure energy withstand the atmospheric pressure and the liquid will goes up (pressure head) until it reaches atmospheric pressure. ”

    To doing these things it does need to rotate in high speeds. Therefor centrifugal pumps are driven by electricity or steam.

There are types of centrifugal pumps or roto dynamic pumps. It can be sub divided into

  • end suction pumps
  • in-line pumps
  • double suction pumps
  • vertical multistage pumps
  • horizontal multistage pumps
  • submersible pumps
  • self-priming pumps
  • axial-flow pumps
  • regenerative pumps

These pumps are not self priming.

I will stop for today and from the next article lets discuss about what is priming and more about roto-dynamic pumps.

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