Georgiana Spradling

Emotional Intelligence Relationship Coach, – 1 28 2017

Hell everyone today we vediographysf bring something quite interesting.

domestic-violence-e1358441911409Do you want to avoid fighting with your partner in therapy or having individual sessions with little focus? Do you want to understand what makes you unhappy, define what you are willing to negotiate in a relationship and not, make a plan of action and follow through, manage difficult thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationship dynamics and leave unhealthy partnerships? Geogiana is an Emotional Intelligence and Relationship specialist and can help! English, Spanish, French.

Emotional Intelligence is the most important skill set in relationships. It can help you choose the right partners, avoid individuals who do not fit or are unhealthy, manage emotions (anger, jealousy, sadness or fear) and behaviors in yourself and others, communicate, negotiate, resolve conflict, or move past partnerships skillfully. Effective and short-term.
Qualifications: PhD Clinical Psychology, MFT License, Domestic Violence Counselor Certification, Anger Management Counselor Certificate. Expert in Emotional Intelligence and Relationships. She will tell you want you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, do a thorough assessment and teach you the skills that you need to succeed.

Office, telephone, or SKYPE. 650-731-5105. Over 20 years experience. Certified in Domestic Violence. Individuals or couples.


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